Accounts Set Up for Royalties

You will have accounts set up, in your name, from Amazon and Barnes & Noble (online). You will have your book registered with an ISBN Number. This number allows your book to be identified throughout the commercial process. You will also get a price code for your books back cover. You own all the rights to your book: Audio, E-book, etc.

Amazon Book Listings

Your book will have a specific listing on Amazon. This detailed listing will have a summary of the books content, a short bio of the Author and the details of the books physical make up. The listing will also include a photo of your book. Your E-book will have a similar page. 

Amazon Author Page

You will have an Amazon Author page created so your readers can find background information about you. This page will contain your bio, your photo, your book(s) cover and listings.There will be additional space for any Author updates you might want to add at a later time.

Online Barnes & Noble Listing

Your book will also have a listing on Barnes & Noble’s online site. This listing will have a photo of your book, price and the ability to have it purchased. Your E-book will have a similar set up and may have the ability to show a sample of a part of your book.

Additional Income Opportunities

You will be provided with some ideas on how to gain additional income from your book. From speaking engagements to fundraising and bulk buying opportunities.


Your Own Course Program

Learn of the opportunities to teach your new course. In person to groups, one on one or online. Present your students with hard cover workbooks for them to study, fill out and take notes.