How to Create an Author Platform

In today’s world of publishing, it’s very important to create a platform to get the word out about your work. This is done by using various resources available today that were not available in the past. I will work with you to create your own platform that you can build upon depending on your short and long term goals.

How to Promote Your Book

Without the promotion of your book, people won’t be able to learn what you have to say. You need to give people the opportunity to read your words. The promotion actually starts at the beginning of the writing process, and I will teach you how to promote without sounding like a salesperson. 


The use of the media is a powerful way of getting your name out to the world. Not only the established media but also social media will be utilized in the promotion of your work. I’ll prepare you for interviews and help you organize your thoughts with an “elevator” pitch.

Book Announcements

Your book will be announced through a press release, book announcement templates, and email.  Your book will also be available for pre-sale on Amazon.

Your Website

You will be provided with a domain name and website. This will be part of your Author platform. Here, you can update your readers on any events you may be attending or book signing appearances. The ability to purchase your book will also be available from your website. You will own your Domain name.