Joseph M. Higgins


After being questioned multiple times about how to get published and how to market a book, Joe decided to create a program that would cut the learning curve many have struggled with.

Being self-employed for the last 20 years has given Joe experience in marketing, both online and in the real world. Being able to tap into the right resources at the right time is key to any marketing campaign. If you want people to read and learn from your book then you need to have these services available while you’re writing.

Let Joe help you with all the things that are needed in a book project. Things that might bog you down, to the point of not finishing a project. 

Joe Higgins is an Amazon bestselling author, Medium, Spiritual teacher and Intuitive counselor. 

Mr. Higgins’s first book, Hello…Anyone Home?: A Guide on How our Deceased Loved Ones Try to Contact Us through the Use of Signs, has been well received for helping people understand the process of contact.

Joe's second book, The Everything Guide to Evidence of the Afterlife: A Scientific Approach to Proving the Existence of Life after Death, was published by Adams Media and is available worldwide.

Joe’s third book, Always Connected for Veterans: Deceased Vets Give Guidance from the Other Side, focuses on questions veterans and families are asking about their involvement in war.

Mr. Higgins latest Book, I Got Your Message: Understanding Signs from Deceased Loved Ones. This book is part of the Always Connected series and is a follow up to his first book Hello...Anyone Home?

Mr. Higgins has also contributed to two other books, New Developments in Afterlife Communications & Afterlife Communication: 16 Proven Methods, 85 True Accounts.

Mr. Higgins has become a leading authority on Signs.