Edited and Proofread

Your manuscript will be professionally proofread and edited by someone who not only has a writing background but has actual experience editing books. 

Professional Book Cover Art

Book covers are very important in creating the emotion you want your potential readers to feel when deciding if your book is something they might want to purchase. A graphic artist, with a book cover background, will provide you with multiple samples for you to choose from. 


In addition to your paperback or hardcover book, you will be provided an E-book version of your manuscript. This E-book version will be available for Kindle, the Nook and most E-readers used today.


Your manuscript will be properly laid out and prepared for publishing. This includes the right fonts, text size and chapter headers. The book will be uniform throughout and will have all the necessary parts coordinated before it goes to print. 

Fonts & Photos

All fonts and photos, if used, will be checked to make sure they are presented correctly before the manuscript is sent to the printer. 

Paperback or Hardcover

You will have the choice between paperback and hardcover for your final book. The advantages and disadvantages for both formats will be discussed to help you in your decision.