Writing Your Manuscript

Focus and Organize Your Story

It is important to be able to tell your story in a way that the reader will be able to understand the original meaning that you are trying to convey. Learning to focus and organize your thoughts will help in this task. I will help you to stay focused and on your original path until the manuscript is finished. 

Time Management

Writing a book just by itself can feel overwhelming. Now add in trying to prepare, publish and market it and you can see why many people just give up. I’ll give you tips and advice on how to use your time effectively so you can just concentrate on your writing. 

Organization of the Book

The organization of a book is very important as it will not only direct the reader where you want to take them but also give you the opportunity to “bake” in opportunities such as marketing strategies, course creations and possible lectures. 

How to Find Your Niche

It’s important to know who your intended audience will be so you can concentrate your work to that particular demographic. There will be different avenues taken for different groups, so great care must be taken in discovering who your intended reader will be. 

Motivation & Support

Many times while writing a book, people find themselves alone with their thoughts on how to proceed to the next step in the process. They begin to second guess themselves and it may only take a comment from someone to bring the whole process to a halt. I will walk with you through the entire process, the ups and downs, until you have reached your goal.